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Mariam Kobras is the author of the Stone Trilogy. The first book The Distant Shore, was titled "a contemporary romance with a light twist of suspense". The second book Under the Same Sun was published 2012. The conclusion of the Stone Trilogy Song of the Storm was published on July 16th 2013 on Mariam's birthday. Born in Frankfurt Germany, Mariam currently lives in Hamburg with her husband and two sons. After studying American Literature and Archeology at Giessen University she spent several months in Toronto, Canada. Mariam has worked as an English tutor, served as a lay Judge in Juvenile Court, and managed the rookie Hamburg Blue Devils American football team. In the beginning of her career she founded a Theater Project at a local Hamburg High School where she wrote and staged plays. The huge success of this venture gave her the courage to try her hand at novels.
When her husband gave her a laptop for Christmas in 2010, to encourage her writing, she was off and running. Within a year she had written the first draft of her book. The storyline for The Distant Shore was inspired by her fascination with the limitations fame can impose on people. Her book explores the value of love in a world where money and a front-page photo are sometimes more important than a person’s soul. 


About  “The Distant Shore”


There are only two things Jon really wants from life: to be a famous singer, and to find the right girl.

The first he achieves through his talent and perseverance, the second he finds when a set of lyrics reaches him, and the author turns out to be the girl of his dreams. Deeply in love, Naomi stays with him until a drug raid at their house makes her vanish. Despite his desperate efforts, Jon cannot find her.

Sixteen years later Jon receives a letter that informs him he is the father of a teenage boy, and where to find Naomi.

She admits that his fame and everything that went with it had been too much for her, but once again, bound by their passion for each other, she is drawn to him. For a while, Jon finds peace in the tranquility of rural Norway, but his life claims him back soon enough. Against her instincts Naomi joins him in Los Angeles, where she manages to drive out her old ghosts.

It is Jon's manager, Sal, who unravels her secrets and why she is so reluctant to share Jon's life.

Just when they manage to find a life together and reach the pinnacle of success Naomi is shot down at the Academy Awards by one of Jon's former lovers.

This novel is in a small fishing town in Norway, in London, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. It is a love story set in the world of music and theater.





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